Bugs ????

I once designed a software application for students of English as a foreign language (a kind of electronic vocabulary book), and on passing the four floppy disks over to a Japanese student, I said "There may be some bugs in it". She looked at me and said "Ah, always bug". It turned out she was a software developer!

Indeed, there are always bugs. Even the software products of the corporate giants are not immune. And with the increasing complexity of operating systems and the software which runs on them, system crashes & freezes are not uncommon occurrences.

I am always keen to hear about bugs, because whilst I always test on a "clean" machine, something will almost certainly slip through. And it is axiomatic in the software trade that the worst person to test the software is the person who wrote it. So please get in touch if something goes wrong and you suspect a bug.

It's definitely worth giving as much information as possible (without writing a book!). Include the following if possible:
- your operating system (Windows 95/98/XP)
- san shan version & approximate download date
- registered user or not
- where you were in the san shan application when the bug "surfaced"
- movements or "clicks" immediately prior to the bug

This information will help me get back to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Thankyou .....