Evaluation software (posted Saturday 21st February 2004)

Thankyou for your interest in san shan's yi jing software. Once you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer, you can use it for an unlimited period. As an evaluation edition, you can read the translation of the text and notes on the texts of the hexagrams. You can also use the Diary facility, the glossary of Terms, and the miscellaneous articles in the Foreword. Even if you do not license your edition, you can continue to access your copy of the software for as long as you wish.

If you like this software, you can license your edition and use the full range of facilities, as well as adding the remaining books to the bookshelf. Once you have installed the Lexicon, you can read & study the text in its original Chinese, and explore the meanings and associations of the Chinese characters. You can install the volume on the Ba Gua, the 8 trigrams, and the collection of Essays which contains articles on almost every aspect of the yi jing. You can even enter & use up to three personal editions of the Book of Changes. As the books are updated, simply log on to the san shan website, check the dates of each edition, & download them. In addition, you can update your basic application as and when updates are posted to the site.

Please click here if you simply want the latest upgrade and not the full new user installation.