The History of this Software

In 1988, casting around for some way to catalogue my essays, articles and references on the Yi Jing, I happened to mention my dilemna to a friend. He suggested the idea of a database and explained their uses to me. It seemed like the answer to a prayer. I was already using a computer to store these materials in directories and subdirectories, but the organisation and retrieval was unwieldy.

Using Foxpro for Dos, I could not only store my texts in the database, I could build screens and menus, contents pages, and display the texts in various ways. A revelation! I was thrilled at seeing the hexagrams and the texts appear on the 10 inch monitor in orange and black. With each release of Foxpro, the application has been upgraded and has evolved to the point where it now includes graphics files and even the original Chinese text.

The Book of Changes has been a companion for most of my life now. Remarkably, in a way I could not have imagined in my teenage years, it has provided me with a livelihood. It was my interest in the Yi Jing which led me onto databases, and it is through databases that I now earn a living, designing and writing applications. The websites I build for other people are only possible because I wanted to build a site for san shan yi jing software.

But none of this would be possible without the help and support of other people. My wife Clare, my son Jack who helps with the artwork, Tony who provides technical support, Arthur who tested for bugs in the early days.

In addition, I must say thankyou to the other far-flung users of the software, who contact me with problems, ideas and suggestions.