What is the difference between the evaluation software and the full version?

The file you download from the site is the full version of san shan yi jing, but until you enter your registration key it functions only as an evaluation copy.

For how long can I use the evaluation software?

For as long as you like.

What are the limitations of the evaluation software?

When you run the evaluation software, you cannot open the Essays, Ba Gua, or the Lexicon, even if you have them installed. In the Yi Jing itself you can read the texts of all the hexagrams, but only the translation of the text is available or the annotated translation. You cannot access the transliteration of the Chinese, or the expounded transliteration, and neither of course can you read the Chinese texts in any of the variety of ways they are presented. Lastly, you do not have the facility of using the three personal editions of the text. You can use the diary of Oracles, but you are limited to entering only 20 oracles.

How do I upgrade from the evaluation version to the registered version?

Simply log on to the san shan website and follow the links to the Registration page. Use the on-line registration form to enter your name, e-mail address and card details. The current cost of the software is also found on this page. You will be sent a registration key, which you should enter in the appropriate page when you are in the san shan software. Entering this key enables the other volumes on the bookshelf (once they have been downloaded), expands the readings of the yi jing texts, allows you to enter as many oracles as you wish into the diary, enables the yi jing personal editions, the Chinese characters, etc.

Can I download upgrades if I am running only the evaluation version?

Yes, although the changes may be unnoticeable because they relate to functions accessible only to the registered version.

I've keyed in my registration number but can't access the other volumes.

You need to download and install the volumes so that the software can open them. The reason these are separate downloads is so that additions to the volumes can be made and distributed more easily, and that users can download such upgrades as and when they become available. It also keeps the size of such download files relatively small, thus speeding up download times.

What are personal editions?

This refers to the facilty for entering in your own texts into the san shan software, so that when you open the yi jing, you read your own text and not that supplied with the software. This text can be your own, or it can be that of another published yi jing edition, for example the Wilhelm or Legge text. Because this text is used only by yourself and is not going to be distributed to other persons, then you are not infringing copyright.

Do I have to use san shan's divination to enter oracles into the Diary?

No. From the Diary page of contents, click on "Add an oracle", and you can enter divinations which you have cast elsewhere using yarrow stalks or coins.

How does san shan's divination program work?

Whilst many computer-driven yi jing divination programs calculate a hexagram in a single random pass, san shan's procedure is to cast each line individually. This allows the diviner to spend as little or as much time as he or she wishes on the process. In addition, the probability of receiving moving or static Yin and Yang lines is essentially the same as that found in the yarrow stalk oracle. Whereas the coin oracle gives an equal probability of receiving each of the four possible lines, the yarrow stalk oracle offers the following probabilities:
a static Yang line : seven out of 16
a static Yin line : five out of 16
a moving Yang line : three out of 16
a moving Yin line : one out of 16

I've got some suggestions about new features or improvements

Please send them in. All ideas, suggestions and comments are more than welcome.